Since student tuition cannot fully cover the seminary’s operation costs, our directors and some of our staff are supported as missionaries for the development of God’s Kingdom.

Francois Turcotte


Executive director of SEMBEQ Puts in place all the necessary tools for the training of 200 workers, 200 elders, 200 women. Ensures that 20 “Antioch” training centers are established.

Sylvain Paradis

Development Lead

Sylvain joined the SEMBEQ team in 2015 after 27 years of pastoral ministry in the Montreal region. He is currently assisting our president with development and fundraising in order to allow the Seminary to pursue its mission and carry out its projects for the advancement of the Gospel.

Janick Fortier

Academic Dean Assistant

Develop and encourage theological training in the local churches within our family of churches. Meet and assist students to provide them with a program that will encourage their spiritual and theological growth. Work to ensure the preservation of sound doctrine.


We want to work with you towards giving francophone churches access to training that is as complete and beneficial as possible. In order to do so, there are various projects and various ways in which you can take part.In order to share our theological resources with as many people and communities as possible, we need financial help (student tuition only covers a portion of total operating costs). Your donations towards the general fund serve several projects as well as the seminary’s administration.

General Funds

We identify different needs at SEMBEQ. We would like to increase the employees’ salaries in order to reach the actual market average. We wish to invest in the update of our IT equipment. Our services provides 30% of our revenues and 70% is provided by donations.

Technological tools for online courses

An increasing amount of students take courses with web streaming or with on-line access to academic material. In fact, the new cohorts can be virtual thanks to technology. Some courses are available via web streaming and on site simultaneously. More time, human and technological resources are required in order to offer a good service to online students.


Need: $1000 or $5000 per scholarship

Our cohort members can benefit from scholarship support. Students have to meet certain conditions. The Gold scholarship program of $5000 is granted annually for a period of six years to students who place a request with SEMBEQ.

The Silver scholarship program of $1000 is renewable each year. Students have to place a request each year. This scholarship is applicable on tuition fees, books, and handbooks.